LG 719L Four Door Fridge Freezer Silver
LG 719L Four Door Fridge Freezer Silver
LG 719L Four Door Fridge Freezer Silver

LG 719L Four Door Fridge Freezer Silver

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🌟 Explore the Beauty! Impeccably Maintained Refrigerator 🌟

Discover the beauty of this remarkable refrigerator, impeccably maintained and in flawless condition. A true marvel, it operates perfectly, featuring an immaculate interior with shelves and trays in as-new condition.

🌟 The front of the fridge is presented in a pristine state and includes a fully functional water and ice maker. Experience the wonders of advanced technology, allowing one of the freezer compartments to transform into a fridge, chiller, or a complete freezer!

💡 Simplify your hectic life with the intelligently designed Cool Select Zone Drawer.

🌈 This fridge is not just stunning; it's a promise of satisfaction and will undoubtedly become a captivating showpiece in any kitchen!

Key Specifications:

  • 📏 Dimensions:
    • Height: 183cm
    • Width: 91cm
    • Depth (including doors): 74cm
  • 🧊 Total gross volume: 719L
  • ğŸŽ Fridge Capacity: 407L
  • ❄️ Freezer Capacity: 145L

🛡️ For your peace of mind, this refrigerator comes with a warranty, and convenient delivery services are available for a small fee based on your location.

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