About Us

Jo Cool Whitegoods is a West Australian family owned and run business, established by us, Joe and Victoria, in 2013, initially as a small project business run from our home in the Canning Area.

At the beginning of 2013, awaiting the arrival of our son Lachlan in the coming March, we both found ourselves in jobs we weren’t particularly interested in and after concluding that neither of us wanted to welcome our son into a seemingly miserable environment, told our respective employers that we would not be returning at the end of February!

So, what does one do, 8 months pregnant and no income on the horizon!?

Well, we began by clearing out some furniture items surplus to requirements in our home – sofas, tables and a fridge to name a few. Advertised them on the buy and sell website Gumtree and just like that a built up a small kitty.

During a passing conversation with a family member, told them about our activities and was asked if we could sell their fridge for them also. We did so within about 3 hours and noticed a definite market for second hand items that are usually very expensive when purchased brand new.

We made contact with a local fridge technician who had a supply of serviced and checked pre-owned fridges and freezers and shortly thereafter began a small trade from our enclosed carport at our home.

With our newborn by our side, the business of buying and selling pre-owned fridges and freezers was booming, so much so that we became too big to operate from home.

In August 2013, the business Jo Cool Whitegoods Pty Ltd was officially registered and relocated to our current locating at 2/177 Bannister Road in Canning Vale.

We now supply pre-owned, factory second and some brand new Fridges, Freezers, Washers, Dryers and Dishwashers all over Perth, needless to say we are both very much enjoying working together as a family and seeing where our growing business can take us!

We hope you find what you are looking for with us at Jo Cool Whitegoods.

Thank you for visiting.

Joe and Victoria

Happy Customers

"I cannot recommend Joe and Victoria enough. The range is second to none and when you walk away you walk away with peace of mind and a bargain. We had an issue with a fridge we bought (sometimes it happens with a second hand fridge). Joe and Victoria had someone out about an hour later . It was taken away and the following day he replaced it with a newer model. One thing that separates these guys from anyone else is INTEGRITY. They are people of their word and the quality of service is some of the best I've come across. If you are looking for any whitegoods give these guys a go. You won't regret it"

-Dave Allen


"On Monday poor Jo had the distinct pleasure of dealing w with myself (demanding, fussy and completely lacking in white good knowledge) and my mum (even fussier if possible, tape measure as weapon of choice) and he handled it like a champion. He explained everything very thoroughly with a smile on his face - no question was too stupid! Can't wait for my new purchases to arrive! Thanks again Jo!!"

- Emily Milligan


"Jo was friendly, accommodating and very knowledgable particularly since I had no previous experience buying a fridge. He took on board my living situation and personal preferences in his recommendations and made the entire process so hassle free. I completely trusted I was getting a good deal as he demonstrated such honesty and provided detailed information about each product's history and performance. Jo went above and beyond by offering to personally deliver my fridge to accommodate my tight schedule if necessary. I would definitely recommend this outstanding service!"

- Kate Lee